Chemistry: All About You

Science: Where Can It Take You?

The videos: "Chemistry: All About You" and "Science: Where Can It Take You?" were developed to inform pupils about Science facts, education and careers. This site provides tools for an innovative and multi-disciplinary approach of chemistry teaching, and resources to organise activities in the classroom.



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Role models videos produced by EPCA

Joerg Schmitz - Dow Chemical Company

Joerg Schmitz is the Supply Chain Director Hydrocarbons at the Dow Chemical Company: a leader in speciality chemicals delivering products and solutions to sectors such as electronics, water, energy, and coatings.
John McGuffin - ExxonMobil Chemical Europe

John McGuffin is the Feedstock & Optimization Manager at ExxonMobil Chemical Europe, the world's largest publicly traded international oil and gas company.
Ana Montenegro-Garcia - Repsol

Ana Montenegro-Garcia is the Polyolefins Technical Service and Development Manager at Repsol Quimica, a global energy company that has created an intelligent and sustainable energy model.
Murad Smit - Agility Chemical Logistics

Murad Smit is the Regional Business Manager for Benelux and Germany for Agility Chemical Logistics, a specialized company providing logistic solutions for chemical customers all over the globe.

Wouter Bleukx, Business Manager Vinyls at INEOS CHLORVINYLS, enthusiastically explains how a science education can be the cornerstone of a diverse career in the chemical industry.